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You've heard the saying, "People don't buy from brands, people buy from people." They don't hire you for your brand colors and fonts, they hire you for YOU and they need to trust YOU.

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Here's the problem: you're planning your social media content for the next month and all you've got are the same 5 photos of your face that you've been posting forever.

Not only that, but they're just photos you forced your husband or friend to take for you on your phone. The lighting is all over the place and they don't really communicate your brand's personality, therefore your brand message is inconsistent and confusing to your audience. You've realized you need to up your game and start investing in the visual representation of your brand.

I've been photographing people for five years and I only invested in brand photos for the first time late in 2020. So I get the struggle to find photos of yourself to post. I have forced my husband to take a "quick" photo of me too many times to count.

I started offering brand photography after my first session because it was a game changer. I immediately looked more professional, felt more confident in my brand, and got excited about my business again. And now I want to help YOU do the same thing.

Hi there! I'M Haili and I've been in your shoes.

Trust me: it feels really good to be confident in your brand and trusted by your audience.

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Within two weeks of your shoot, you'll have an arsenal of beautiful content. You'll show up on social media with confidence and build up both your feed and your website with professional and on-brand photos. The photos will be in an online gallery so you can download them to instantly start planning content. You'll save a whole lot of time, gain confidence in your brand, and look more professional. 

professional + Confident


The big day will arrive - brand shoot day! You'll be dressed up and looking pretty with the perfect props in hand (thank you guidebook). We'll meet at the beautiful location we chose specifically for your brand. There will be some music playing and lots of chatting. It'll feel like two friends hanging out, except that you get a bunch of great content out of it. 

Our second date

Once we're besties, we'll move on to the planning stage. I'll send you a handy-dandy guidebook that will give you all the info you need to prep for your session. While you're looking though the guidebook, I'll be researching your industry, reading through my notes from our coffee date, and creating a plan for the photoshoot. Once I have a plan drafted, it'll be in your inbox for approval or adjustments. 


Set the Groundwork


We'll become friends! We can hop on a call, chat through email, or even get coffee. From the beginning of our time together, we will no longer be simply client + photographer, we'll be pals. I believe that in order to tell your brand story, I need to know YOU and you need to know ME. So let's talk about our favorite TV shows and start our friendship. What do you say?

I'll be there for you

The Experience

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Let's do it


This is for you if...

You're a creative small business owner with big dreams.

You're in need of content photos for social media, blog posts, products, etc.

You're struggling to feel confident in your brand and you need to recharge your professionalism. 

You rarely, if ever, post your face on your social media but you really want to start.

You're launching a new business, brand, project, etc. and you need some updated, brand-appropriate images.

You're planning your content for the next quarter, but you don't have enough photos that reflect your brand.

You're tired of struggling to find content to post online and you just want to feel confident in what you're sharing with your audience.


For the entrepreneur who wants to put their best foot forward.

- One 2 hour session
- 50 edited images
- Up to two nearby locations


For the entrepreneur who likes organization and wants a consistent arsenal of content that complements their brand. 

- Quarterly 2-4 hour photo sessions
- 50+ edited images per session
- Multiple locations


For small businesses who love their people and want them all to join the party. 

- A 4 hour group photo session
- 50+ edited images
- Up to two locations 


I'm ready

Starting at $600

Starting at $1400

Starting at $800

email pals

let's be

Thanks friend!