I'm a small-town girl from Michigan who married a cute boy from upstate New York. A few of my titles include brand photographer, social media manager, and wife. I'm really into books, dogs, and all things cozy. I'm happily based in the mountains of Utah and excited to travel all over the western U.S.

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As a small business owner myself, I am passionate about helping other small business owners. I know what it feels like to get your first order or connect with your first paying client. I want you to know that feeling and more.

I'm here to work alongside you, not just for you. I like to think of my clients as my friends and I hope you will think of me that way, too. So let's make some magic for your business, friend. What do you say?

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small businesses I love

"Haili was thoughtful and intentional with how she brought my brand to life—asking so many questions, clarifying my answers and even re-asking questions on the day of my shoot to be sure that she would capture everything I wanted for my brand. Receiving my photos, I am beyond floored. She included so many photos, beautifully edited, and captured me and my brand perfectly! I cannot thank her enough for the incredible experience and look forward to booking her as frequently as possible for more photos!”

- Alexa Donner, MArketing Specialist

“I've had my photos taken plenty of times, and I usually feel "meh," about them. But OH MY GOSH—Haili takes my pictures ONE TIME and I am compleeeeeetely blown away. I was super up front about my insecurities and she worked with me, gave me direction, made me feel comfortable, and delivered photos that completely blew me away. No words. Book her, people!”

- Leah KElley, wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

"I’m convinced Haili has the magic touch when it comes to creating breathtaking artwork. Her photography captures each detail perfectly. She is mindful of every angle, every piece of hair, every color in the foreground. She’s also amazing at posing people and making them genuinely laugh and feel comfortable. I couldn’t recommend Haili any more, she is an artist, hype woman, and phenomenal photographer. You will cherish her photos forever.”

- Rachel higbee, Clay artist

"My experience with Haili was wonderful! She was so warm and professional and really helped me relax and be myself during our shoot. The photos I received are beautiful! They truly feel like me and how I want to visually represent my brand.”

- Daniella Siebert, Style Coach

“Haili resembles everything you want in a photographer. She is kind, caring, genuine, and professional. Taking pictures with Haili is one of my favorite memories on my wedding day. She is not just there for her business, she is there to take care of you. I have been told by multiple people that the photos Haili took of my wedding are some of the best they have ever seen, and I totally agree. She is truly incredible, HIRE HER.”

- Katie Bierman, July 2019 Bride